Winter Sports Insurance

The Importance of Winter Sports Insurance

Participating in sport or recreational activities is a fun and healthy way to spend the upcoming winter holiday season. However, as beneficial as this is, these physical activities bring various risks of injury or even death. This is why athletes and people who regularly participate in recreational activity are encouraged to get multi-sports insurance!

Statista in their report Sports in United Kingdom (UK) – Statistics & Facts show that approximately 40.7 percent of male adults and roughly 31.7 percent of female adults in UK participate in sports on a weekly basis. However, new research by Association of British Travel Agents or ABTA says that 2.5 million British adults on a winter sports holiday admit to not checking whether they have taken out appropriate insurance for their expected activities which includes skiing and snowboarding, some of the most extreme sports.

Getting into an accident on the slopes could result in substantial medical bills, among other problems. It’s therefore important to understand why having winter sports insurance is so necessary.

Winter sports carry greater risks than other activities

Although every sport has its own dangers, winter sports typically carry greater risks than other activities because of an additional element to the environment: the snow. The Teton Gravity Research shows in their infographic titled Your Chances of Dying Ranked by Sports and Activity shows that 1 in 2.2 million participants may die from snowboarding and 1 in 1.4 million may die from skiing.

Moreover, according to a National Ski Areas Association or NSAA Fact Sheet, an average of 38 skier and snowboarder fatalities per year have occurred at U.S. ski areas in the last 10 years. During the 2015-2016 season alone, 39 fatalities occurred out of the 52.8 million skier or snowboarders days reported for that season.

The most common injuries an athlete may suffer from playing winter sports are concussions, spinal injuries, bone dislocation and fractures. Meanwhile, the most common causes are falls and collisions. The extent of injuries from winter sports are expected to be graver than of other activities, which obviously results in higher medical expenses. Financial help from winter sports insurance cover will surely be of assistance for injured athletes.

The importance of safety equipment

Along with wearing the appropriate clothing, having equipment in good condition, as well as protective gear such as helmets, is important in preventing you from getting heavily injured while playing a winter sport.

For cover to apply, appropriate clothing must be worn, and health and safety equipment, as specified by the governing body of each sport, must be utilised.

Helps create worry-free travel, once returning to the UK

Lodging, food, and transportation costs—travelling usually requires a well-planned budget, and an accident may ruin it. Having sports insurance cover for winter sports could help create a worry-free trip, knowing that there will be help when something unfortunate happens. When you return to the UK your travel policy can no longer be claimed on and Active Cover kicks in when your travel insurance stops.

Of course, since there is a higher demand for safety and protection for high-risk sports, it isn’t hard to find sports insurers that provide winter sports insurance cover, especially, snowboarding and skiing accident insurance cover.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Get winter sports insurance now and enjoy the holidays on the snow, with protection and peace of mind guaranteed.