Sports Insurance Myths You Should Stop Believing

Sports Insurance Myths to Stop Believing

Misconceptions about a service or product can create long lasting false impressions. This can lead to people not benefiting from the product or service. It’s important that any kind of misconception or misunderstandings is cleared as early as possible.

There are a few myths that surround sports insurance and sports insurers as it’s particularly easy to misunderstand sports insurance when compared to the other types of insurance plans like, home and car insurance. The benefits of sports insurance cover are also less commonly known.

For the sake of the people wanting to learn more about sports insurance, we have rounded-up a few sports insurance myths you should stop believing!

Myth 1: “Only extreme sports athletes need sports insurance.”

Truth: Extreme sports athletes and enthusiasts may need sports insurance more than athletes of less dangerous sports because they are subjected to more risks. But it doesn’t mean that only they can apply and claim for sports insurance. Participants of most sports or fitness activities are encouraged to protect themselves with sports insurance to get the necessary financial help when injuries occur.

Myth 2: “Multi-sport insurance for a fixed price isn’t available.”

Truth: Some sports insurers offer cover for only an individual sport; however multi-sport insurance does exist and can be affordable. Some sport insurers offer a fixed fee for multiple sports, from yoga to high-adrenaline sports such as snowboarding and mountaineering.

It’s best to check with the sports insurance providers to see whether they provide multi-sport insurance and which sports are covered.

Myth 3: “I will never need sports insurance.”

Truth: This may be true if you do not play or engage in any sports and recreational activity at all. However, if you are an active person participating in any sport, it’s best to get yourself covered with sports insurance. Sports and recreational activities range from basketball, football, rugby, and swimming to other physical activities like cheerleading, mountaineering, scuba diving and even yoga.

So, whether you are a budding athlete or a regular participant of a community sports club, it is advisable and highly encouraged that you apply for sports insurance.

Do not wait for an injury or other unfortunate accident to happen before getting sports insurance. Get covered as soon as possible and have peace of mind while enjoying your sport!