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If the answer to your question is not listed below, please call Active Cover’s Customer Helpline: 0333 4000 759 or email us and a member of our team will get right back to you.

How do I make a claim?

How do I make a claim?

Please contact Chubb on 0345 841 0059

or UK.Claims@chubb.com or log on to their online claims portal at www.chubbclaims.co.uk

Is there a customer service helpline?

Yes the number is 0333 4000 759 between 9am – 8.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm on Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday.

Is there any excess to pay in the event of a claim?

There is no excess to pay, but for costs you incur for certain treatments such as Diagnostic, Treatment and Rehabilitation Costs we will only reimburse you up to 75% of your costs (up to the maximum payable under the benefit).

Can I claim more than once in the period of insurance?

Yes – there are limits on how many times you can claim on some benefits, but these are stated in your Information Documents for the Silver Policy, Gold Policy & Platinum Policy.

Do I need to provide receipts?

You will need to be able to evidence that you have paid for treatment in order to make a claim under this policy.

Is there a charge for using a credit card?

There is no charge to you for using your credit card.

Can the benefits be paid into my bank account?

Yes all benefit payments on valid claims will be paid in GPB and will be paid to your UK bank account.


I play multiple sports will you still cover me?

Yes, the policy covers multi-sports at one rate. See sports covered for the full list of sports.

When and where am I covered to play sport?

Whether jogging in the park, cycling to keep fit, or playing for a local team, as long as you’re taking part in a listed sports-related activity when the injury occurs, we’ve got your back. This might be something pre-arranged by a sporting organisation, club, school, college etc., or a more impromptu event. We even cover pre-organised competitions, tournaments, matches, games and the build-up training whether formally organised or not.

Accidents/Injuries that are not as a result of participation in sporting activities are NOT covered. For all Sports, the appropriate clothing must be worn, and health and safety equipment as required by the Governing Body of each particular Sport must be used.

I am an amateur sports person can I get cover?

Yes, if you are under 70 years of age at the start of the policy and reside in the UK (Please note we cannot cover you if you are a semi-professional or professional sportsperson).

If I injure someone during a training session am I insured?

You are only insured for injuries to yourself, the product does not provide any liability cover.

I am planning to do a sport/activity that I can’t see on the website. Can you cover it?

We have looked to cover as many sports as possible, unfortunately, if you can’t see your sport on the list, we are unable to provide you cover for this.

Do I need to protect myself with the correct safety equipment when participating in my sport?

Yes, for all sports, the appropriate clothing must be worn, and health and safety equipment as recommended by the Governing Body of each particular Sport must be used.


Are pre-existing medical conditions covered?

No – you will not be covered for a personal injury or ongoing or recurring medical condition for which you have received a Doctor’s consultation or advice, treatment, or have had any symptoms, during the 24 months prior to the date of an accident causing bodily injury claimed for under this policy.

Do I need to disclose any medical information when I apply?

No health information or medicals are required to apply.

Do you require my GP details and doctor’s notes?

Not when you apply, although we may need this information if you make a claim.

My Policy

Do I have to take out an annual policy?

Yes – the policy is only available as an annual policy, but you can pay by monthly direct debit.

Can additional family members be covered under the policy?

It is not currently possible to cover the family under a single policy, but cover can be provided for a family. Each person over the age of 18 will need to purchase their own policy. For dependent children under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian will need to purchase a policy for them. Dependent children receive a 25% discount off the adult rate.

How are my policy documents delivered?

Once your application for cover on our website is complete, your policy documents will automatically be emailed to you. If you require your documents to be posted to you, please contact the Active Cover helpline on 0333 4000 759 (local call rate), there may be a charge for this service.

I would like to upgrade the insurance mid-term, can this be done?

Not at the moment, but you can change your cover level at renewal.

Are there any administration fees included within the cost of my policy?

Each time you take out a policy with us or renew an existing policy, an administration fee of £11.50 will be charged which is included within your quoted price.

What if I lose my policy?

You can get a new copy by phoning the Active Cover helpline on 0333 4000 759. Each time you make a change to an existing policy (but not including notifying a claim) an administration fee of £5 will apply. This includes each time you ask us to provide you with a copy of your policy documentation.

Will I be covered for an injury that occurs whilst playing sport outside the UK?

Your policy does not cover you for any treatment whilst you are outside the UK. The benefits under this policy are only available when you return to the UK following your injury abroad. As long as you are a UK resident you are covered whilst you are abroad for trips and holidays, if you move abroad you will no longer be covered.

Can I cancel the policy mid-term?

You can cancel your policy within the first 14 days and receive a full refund (providing you have not made a successful claim). You can cancel your policy at any other time but will not receive a refund of your premium.

As a result of cancellation, if I pay by monthly direct debit, will I have any further liability?

If you choose to pay by monthly direct debit, you will have entered into a 12 month consumer credit agreement, therefore you will still need to make your payments.