How to Prevent and Treat

How to Prevent and Treat the Most Common Sports Injuries

Injuries are inevitable, especially when you participate in sport. You can get injured during any physical activity, from light training to a team sports match. Now, for severe injuries, it is best you have sport insurance cover that can help cover serious injury, emergency treatment and rehabilitation, and provide emergency support. For small common injuries, you need to be prepared and know how to treat each injury effectively. And in all honesty, people who are involved in sports should also know how to prevent these common injuries, first and foremost. So, if you are looking to avoid these injuries, read on.

Here is how you can prevent and treat the most common sports injuries!

Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains are very common, no matter what sport you take part in. This usually happens because of uneven footing or unnatural twisting motion of the joint. You can get an ankle sprain from something as simple as running or walking, or from performing a rigorous athletic activity.

Prevention: Warm-up thoroughly and strengthen your ankle as much as possible.

Treatment: Rest it, apply some ice and a firm bandage around the area, and keep it elevated. You can also use anti-inflammatories, and try to move the ankle gently to improve blood circulation.

Groin Strain

A groin strain happens when a sports person makes a sudden change of direction while running. There is too much stress on the muscles in the groin or thigh, so a groin strain is one of the worst sports injuries out there.

Prevention: Stretch properly before participating in any physical activity.

Treatment: Lay low for a couple of weeks and rest. Apply ice and compression to the affected area. You can also take anti-inflammatory medication.


Concussions are very common, especially in contact sports. It is a mild brain injury caused by a blow to the head, with disorientation and dizziness as some of the symptoms. Repeated concussions can lead to long term effects to the brain, so it is best that you try to avoid this.

Prevention: Wear appropriate safety gear to protect your head from blows.

Treatment: Take the time to rest and avoid tasks that require too much focus.

Cuts and Abrasions

Cuts and abrasions can simply be caused by falls, so knees and hands are the most prone to these kind of injuries. Sports that include a lot of running and shoving, such as rugby, can result in these. Although cuts and abrasions can be small and easy to treat, some cuts might be severe.

Prevention: Wear appropriate protective gear.

Treatment: Clean the cut and stop the bleeding by applying pressure. Seek medical help if the wound is deep or wide.

Knee Injury

A knee injury is common in sports and can take time to heal. Sports like football and basketball can cause the most knee injuries. Football injury insurance can truly be helpful when it comes to severe knee injuries.

Prevention: Warm up thoroughly and do not push yourself too hard. Replacing running shoes and insoles on a regular basis is also a good way to prevent any knee injury.

Treatment: Apply ice and compress to the affected area, then elevate the knee. Rest as much as possible. Anti-inflammatory medications can help.

Shoulder Injury

Just like a knee injury, a shoulder injury is common among many sports. It can come in the form of shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff injuries, or labral tears. Either way, these can be extremely painful.

Prevention: Thorough stretching and proper exercising is the best form of prevention when it comes to shoulder injuries.

Treatment: Take time to rest and do not do tasks that require a lot of effort. You can also take anti-inflammatories.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is a condition known to the doctors as Lateral Epicondylitis. Though it is a common injury among tennis players, a lot of adults are also diagnosed with this condition. Activities that strain the muscles around the elbow repeatedly can cause this painful condition.

Prevention: Proper exercise is a good way to prevent a tennis elbow.

Treatment: Taking a rest is advised, as well as physiotherapy, and anti-inflammatories can be taken.

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tendinitis is the result of overusing your Achilles tendon. Runners, basketball players, and tennis players are prone to this kind of injury.

Prevention: Exercises that focus on strengthening the calf muscles can help prevent this injury.

Treatment: Just like most injuries, rest is needed. Anti-inflammatories can also be taken.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is very common with various sporting activities. Violent motions and over-extension of the back muscles usually cause back muscle strains, and these muscle strains can eventually lead to lower back pain.

Prevention: Warming up properly is the best advice. You should also not exert too much effort in sporting activities.

Treatment: You can treat lower back pain with anti-inflammatories and proper rest. Thorough correct stretching is also advisable.

Shin Splints

Shin splints is common to sports that involve a lot of running. This injury can be a result of shoes that do not fit well or provide good support, working out without warmup or cooldown stretches, or weak core muscles.

Prevention: Proper stretching can prevent this injury. And of course, wearing good shoes is also advisable.

Treatment: Apply ice to the affected area, stretch properly, and be sure to take anti-inflammatories if needed.

No matter what sports you are involved in, you should have an idea how to prevent and treat simple, common injuries like these. Take a look at multi-sport insurance that will give you peace of mind in your sports endeavours.

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