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If you love your sport and staying fit, Active Cover Insurance will help to keep things that way. Sustain an injury within our comprehensive criteria and you’ll be offered generous cash backs and a whole host of costs reimbursed on your road to recovery.


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Keri-anne Payne - Former Ambassador
Two-time 10 Kilometre Open Water World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist
I was instantly drawn to the brilliant work that Active Cover do because they fully understand that injuries don’t fix themselves over night and you need to time to get them sorted which can be very costly. I will always play sport with injury insurance for that peace of mind that if an injury happens that’s covered, I know with Active Cover financial support is there to reimburse me towards my costs.

As an Olympian every aspect of my life was part of a bigger plan from the food I ate, and when, to the specific exercises I did in the gym and everything in between.

For an open water swimmer there were a few additional obstacles I had to and add into the mix and plan for; swimming for 2 hours with no rest (and no stopping!); swimming from point A to B with 50 other girls all wanting to finish in first place; the water temperature of the venue ranging from 16 to 30 degrees C!

Those 3 examples, along with many more, all needed to be looked at, and a plan of action put in place, to make sure I nailed each element, if I wanted to be utterly confident and prepared standing on the pontoon in Rio in 2016.

The area that had a massive effect on my performance was shoulder pain.

My shoulder would flare up really bad but only after some 10k races and took longer than expected to recover. Initially we couldn’t figure out why it was only sometimes, but my physiotherapist worked really hard with me to get to the bottom of it. We noticed that the 10k’s that had a fast start, causing the most pain. This was because the first 400m was an all-out sprint to get out of trouble and out of the centre of the pack. This explosive speed ended up being part of the issue, so we had to make sure that my land reparation before any swim was spot on. We devised the perfect routine to not only stretch and mobilise my shoulder, but it also got my heart rate up so I felt ready to take on that sprint.

My physiotherapist was instrumental and without spending that time with her we may never have solved my shoulder pain.


Gail Emms
Mixed doubles Badminton Olympic Silver Medalist & World Champion
I love the concept of Active Cover – this is for sporty people who understand that the realities of a fitness regime may incur serious and minor injuries here and there. Many sports are covered, from skiing to triathlons, and I am looking forward to working with the Active Cover team to help many amateur sportsmen and women get back on the road to recovery.

As an elite athlete under the UK Sport and lottery funding, I was entitled to free medical insurance and had the necessary physiotherapy, surgeries and post-op treatment. Training 3 times a day, 6 days a week to get to the Olympic Games meant that I did pick up the odd sprain and strain. A quick recovery was important so I could compete. I retired in 2008 but sport will always be a part of me. I am healthy and so far, nothing serious has happened to me in terms of injuries and illness, but I am 40 years old… I don’t ‘spring’ like I used to ;)

I love my sport – the latest being padel tennis – and I play badminton, golf, tennis regularly, as well as jogging 3 times a week. I love my challenges too – last year I entered the Great North Run and I loved it so much, I will be back again this year.
Being fit and strong is important to me. Not only in a physical sense but also mentally. I love being a role model for women; I like to show that anything is possible, that you can still workout with a busy lifestyle; that it’s not too late to take up exercise and that being fit looks and feels great.

However, upping my fitness regime to 5 or 6 times a week, pushing my comfort zones and entering ½ marathons, makes me realise that I need a different type of cover when it comes to insurance – I need one that will be “up to my standard of fitness”. If I pull a muscle badly, or tear ligaments, (as I have done many times as an elite athlete), I know that there will be a lot of physiotherapy and rehab after the injury. Sports rehab clinicians are incredible at their job, but they do cost. If the injury is a bad one, soon the bills will add up and that injury becomes an expensive one.

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